GitLab Time Tracking Icon

GitLab Time Tracking is valuable service for businesses since it offers a great range of options and opportunities such as multifunctional reviews, store management, issue tracking, activity monitoring, etc. Don’t hesitate to benefit from the privileges GitLab offers. Today’s post aim is to cover the shortcoming that GitLab seems to have. In order to take advantage of the time…

Home vs Office Work

Work from Home vs Office work We’ve covered compelling peculiarities concerning this topic in some recent blogs, and now let’s set up our minds to the demand of this title. Which workflow should be chosen: to work from home or work in an office? This is a controversial subject matter because the pros and cons are numerous. Thus, you do…

freelancer upwork

We’ve searched for so long in order to establish the winner of the competition between Freelancer and Upwork. But finally, we’ve got significant data that will help you to make up your mind. There are many assumptions and attitudes towards these 2 marketplaces. Thus, you are free to choose your leader. It is commonly known that these 2 platforms assure…

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