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Boost your team's productivity with free and premium time tracking features! Take advantage of an intuitive and accurate time tracker to track the hours across your project, clients, and team tasks.

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Track your time easily anytime and anywhere.

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Desktop Software for Mac & Windows

The stand-alone desktop software greatly enhances the features of the browser-based time tracker service. This is the intuitive time tracker software for your own needs and your team. The most notable functions exclusive to the software application are:

  • Offline support with auto-sync
  • Idle time detection
  • Auto-start time tracking
  • Auto-pause if the user is idle
  • Taking random screenshots*
  • Tracking app usage*
  • Tracking web usage*
  • Tracking activity & idle time*
*if enabled

Export any timesheet to Excel or PDF format.

In a few seconds, you can filter your reports and create various exportable timesheets suited to your needs.

  • Date range filter
  • Export employee timesheets
  • Export timesheets for clients
  • Export project timesheets
  • Export timesheets by task
  • Export reports for easy printing

Integrate with your favourite tools

Connect LogWork with the apps you use every day.

More than 74 integrations through the browser extension!
And more than 3000+ integrations with Zapier.

Know everything about employees' work.

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Screenshot monitor

Monitor in real time the team's daily activity, employees' productivity, track their app and web usage. Customize the time tracker and enable or disable monitoring features individually for each member in your team.

  • Overview on hours spent
  • Insights into employees' work patterns
  • Monitor unexpected days off
  • Detect possible delays of projects
  • See who is working right now
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Time Tracker App

Track easily your time on your desktop, tablet, or on your smartphone! Track your team performance, monitor their working time, and generate timesheet reports on any mobile device anytime and anywhere.

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Customized & Unlimited

Generate timesheet reports automatically.

No more mistakes that cost you money in your timesheets with incorrect duration, dates, and time. Create a colorful timesheet automatically, no more manually created timesheets and calculations!

  • Excel timesheet reports
  • PDF timesheet reports
  • Employee reports
  • Client reports
  • Project reports
  • App usage reports
  • Web usage reports
  • Task note reports
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Browser Time Tracker

Track your time automatically, just click on the start and stop button when your work is done.

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Multi Platform

Automatic and accurate time tracking software for Windows and Mac with idle time detector and offline mode.

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Easy-to-use and fast mobile interface to track your time and monitor your teamwork via mobile or tablet.

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App Integrations

Precise and complete integrations with your favourite online services to track the working time and projects.

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Customizable Reports

Completely customizable reports allow you to create professional-looking timesheet reports automatically.

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API Interface

API first architecture allows you to build time tracker integrations for your own web service or software.

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Remote work is our future.

COVID-19 era changed our lives definitively.
COVID-19 era changed how we live and how we work.
LogWork software is more than a time tracker.
It’s a way of working remotely, anytime and anywhere.

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