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If you want to improve your visitors' and customers' experience, help them compare global currencies exchange rates easily and quickly, display for them the exchange rates of multiple currencies, embed this free online currency converter embed code on your website, blog or e-shop.

How can it help you?

1. Your website will get strong returning visitors and audiences because they will check actual currency exchange rates every day.

2. You can compare simultaneously multiple currency exchange rates you work with. Your customers and visitors will definitely love this currency calculator embedded widget on your website.

3. It is easy to set up. You just need to copy the widget embed code and add it to your website, blog, or e-shop.

4. It helps you check and compare currency rates online for free in seconds anytime and anywhere.

5. If you sell globally, it is great to improve your customers’ experience by adding the currency converter calculator to your e-shop or website. They will find it much simple to calculate their potential expenditure even if they use various currencies across the globe (for example, if they need to know the exchange rate dollar to peso, the exchange rate USD to CAD, etc.).

Why should you choose this free currency converter embed widget?

1. This currency converter HTML code is completely free, with unlimited views, and without any hidden fees.

2. It is very fast, having an excellent loading time.

3. You can set as many currency converter widgets as you need or want.

4. The widget is mobile-friendly. So, it will be accessible both for iOS and Android.

Why choose us?

1. You will not be bothered by any ads when using this currency converter calculator. Enjoy it!

2. The given currency converter widget can be embedded on any website. We pay attention to any detail. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about their compatibility.

3. We guarantee 100% uptime. Don’t worry about the availability of the tools since their single goal is to work for you at any time!

4. This online currency converter HTML widget is very fast, intuitive, simple, comprehensive, and it has a user-friendly interface. It will not slow down your website.

5. Your preferences and needs are our primordial concerns. Thus, this useful tool can be customized as you wish by selecting the background and text color, size, and the currency you operate with. So, this currency converter can be adapted to your company colors, website design, and style. You can also add the text that you want to be displayed on the converter. Moreover, you can write the text in your language.

6. All you need to do is customize it as you wish, copy the currency converter HTML code, and embed it on your website!

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