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What Is Pomodoro Technique?

The Podomoro technique is an efficient time management technique that helps to achieve a high level of productivity, and it also saves energy. It was designed at the end of the XXth century by Francesco Cirillo.

Why Is It Called in such a Way?

Pomodoro translated from Italian means "tomato". Its inventor used a kitchen time tracker which had a shape of a tomato. Maybe you have seen its icon on various photos, apps, or software. Also, Pomodoros are called the periods of time assigned for working purpose.

How does the Pomodoro Technique Work?

This time tracking technique is very popular among the apps and sites which provide timers, countdowns, time to track indications, etc. The work of the Pomodoro technique timer is concerned with the specific sequences of time. You break your working day or tasks in blocks of 25 minutes. Between each time block, you will rest for 5 minutes. After 4 Pomodoros (100 working hours and 15 minutes of break), you take a break of 15 to 30 minutes.

Find out the 5 Steps for Trying the Pomodoro Technique

1. Decide upon the task that needs to be done and prepare, in advance, all the materials you need to get the tasks accomplished properly.
2. Set the Pomodoro technique timer.
3. Organize your work and strive to do your best without paying attention to distractions.
4. When the time tracker rings, mark how much work you have done.
5. When you have done already 4 Pomodoros, relax a bit. Refresh your mind. Afterwards, go to step 1 again.

Does the Pomodoro Technique Increase Your Productivity?

Our answer is Yes. Since it is suitable for various purposes such as employee time tracking, being easily designed for being embedded in the time tracking app and time tracking software in general. This time management tool boosts your productivity.

1. Manage your time

During your Pomodoro, you can leave aside all the notifications, e-mails in order to look through them during your break. It is an acknowledged fact that when someone interrupts you during the working process, you become less focused.

2. Systematize your tasks per day

During each Pomodoro, you systematize all the tasks you have managed to do in 25 minutes.

3. Organization of tasks for a long time

It becomes easier to plan your future projects using the Pomodoro technique. Having a proper organization of your tasks, you will be able to predict how much time you need to perform a specific project.

4. Keep your help

During the breaks for each Pomodoro, you have enough time to stand up, to drink a cup of tea, to refresh a bit. When you are ok psychologically and physically, you achieve the target results.

5. Enthusiasm and motivation

The excitement when you see the target achieved moves you to finish everything before the timer rings. This becomes your motivation for efforts to keep on being productive.