Money-Making YouTube Strategy
Money-Making YouTube Strategy

It is a well-known fact that YouTube occurs in the top ranks related to popularity and large-scale parameters. Having a good YouTube strategy using the right keywords and SEO tools can improve the overall image of your channel.

The purpose of today’s article is to express the key-points of the excellent video search engine marketing that need to be taken into account before uploading the video to the YouTube traffic.

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1. Speak to Your Target Audience

Firstly, it is important to state some questions related to your customers because they will help when choosing the video type. Why do they follow your brand? How is it useful to your customers? What’s its impact in your niche? Afterward, understanding the customers’ needs, you can design your content in such a way to be appealing to the visitors.

2. Appoint Your Video to be among the Best Competitors 

In order to make your video really competitive, you should know what kind of stuff dominates the “web-market”. Sorting the competitor’s videos by rating or upload rate can bring you the predicted success.

3. SEO Content for a Bomb YouTube Strategy 

SEO Content for a Bomb YouTube Strategy
SEO Content for a Bomb YouTube Strategy

The chief element of the content which assures a fruitful SEO ranking on YouTube is the power of keywords. Before uploading your video you should design a list. It should contain the most frequently asked words or expressions associated with your video-topic. The data related to the keywords contain useful peculiarities such as search volume or competitiveness. Additionally, the keywords implied into the title and description work out the video optimization plan. Moreover, they can help Youtube to answer to the visitors’ queries.

4. Invest in a Simple Language

Do not stuff your video bio with too many keywords (do not forget that you also have titles and tags for doing so) that can confuse, or overwhelm your visitors.

5. The Best Tools for SEO Video Marketing

Best SEO Tools for Video Marketing
Best SEO Tools for Video Marketing

There are specific tools that can help you to cope with discovering the most appropriate keywords, to establish their competitiveness quite quickly, to find the right tags, to optimize the thumbnail, etc. Some of them are the following ones.

6. Win-Grabbing Details

There are some aspects to be remembered in order to triumph. So, even if the description allows you to include almost 5000 characters, actually, just the first 100 are exposed above the “Show More” button. You need to pay attention to the most popular keywords on YouTube because they are vital when it comes to letting YouTube know what your video is about through tags.

Another significant detail consists of uploading transcripts and subtitles to your videos. Do not skip the thumbnails, you can be creative with their design but follow their standards (1280px x 796px for the size and 640px for the minimum width).


7. Keep the Visitors’ Eagle-Eyes on your Video


One of Youtube’s metrics is the watch time. Thus, there are some strategies to enhance visitors’ presence. Cards and end screens can offer some suggestions to be watched on your channel in order to increase the watch time. You know…playlists are also a great idea for this purpose. 

8. Do not Skip the Social Sharing

Youtube Marketing Strategy - Share on Social Media
Youtube Marketing Strategy – Share on Social Media

Have you seen this call “to subscribe, to follow, to share”? I suppose yes. This is not anything else than another SEO YouTube metrics known as engagement rate. It’s a key point that can bring you YouTube rewards.

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