12 Cues for Landing Page Architecture
12 Cues for Landing Page Architecture

In the digital marketing world, your landing page is your carte de visite. The best and the most effective visiting cards assure the high convertion rank of your business. 

That’s exactly what you need! In this article, you will identify 12 extra ideas for your landing page creation. 

1. Build The Right Public

According to your target audience, you can manage how to achieve a certain aim. They are significant due to the fact that they strike to your CTA. Thus, if you know your public, you can perform a relevant strategy for making the visitors fill in a form, offer their emails, or buy something.

2. Craft a Brilliant Title

The best landing page practices express that your headline is your chance to get the users interested. There are specific tools that can assess the impact of your title.

3. Capture Your Visitors’ Attention 

Convey the value of your products or services (not just the features). The more engaging your page is, the more chances for having your customers (re)converted.  

4. Invest in The Stunning Style of Your Copy

Try to address the graspable and simple language. Include emotional and powerful words regarding the benefits of having your items. Arrange the textual chunks in such a way to make them scannable (you can use bullets, symbols, numbers in order to organize your content). Another important point is to use landing page testing tools for observing which words influence most of the sign-ups.

5. Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design

The landing page optimization requires a suitable choice of colors because the shades determine users’ opinions about certain products in just 90 seconds. In order to boost the readability of your text, you need to balance the white space of the content.

6. Great Content

Great Content
Great Content

It is obvious that the copy has to be perfectly written. This means it needs to be without any grammar or spelling errors. Moreover, Global Lingo performed a research which shows that the mistakes in the copy were the first thing that made visitors pooh-pooh the page.

7. Breathtaking Videos, GIFs, and illustrations

Supplying your landing page with interactive details will bring you bossy rewards. You should know that a video has the ability to enhance the conversion rate by up to 80%. Besides the videos, the images (e.g. with real persons, directional signs to follow) are also effective and attention-grabbing.

By the way, you can download free royalty photos from the stock photos. For more information related to photo usage, read our blog post How to Use Images Efficiently to Drive Traffic from Social Media.

8. Confiden Symbols

Confident Symbols
Confident Symbols

In case you have experience working with leading brands or companies, do not hesitate to insert their logos on your landing page. This thing will help to push your customers to think “Oh, man, they are really worthy”.

9. Avoid the Following Ones…

Jump over the circumstances when the customers can be reluctant to deal with you. Thus, get rid of the pages or links that are not working anymore, of the sophisticated content, tedious images, etc. 

10. Be One Step Away

Provide your users with the answers to the potential questions they may have in order to prevent their caution. For doing so, you can share testimonials of your clients, you can imply the key-question to be improved directly on your landing page, predict some of their objections, or be active when reacting to your FAQ section (you should have it).

11. Display a Wink of Recreation

It’s significant not to let your visitors fall asleep, or what is worse – to leave your page without taking action. The funny ingredient can be a special graphic, a short real story etc.

12. Give Freebies

Allow your customers to bite from “your heaven-sent apple” for free. Make them be addicted to your products and services so that they will come back to your store for sure.

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