The Best Ways to Send Money to India
The Best Ways to Send Money to India

Sometimes it is really hard to find the right way for sending money abroad, especially if the receiver is a country which doesn’t have any agreements with the sending country. 

For the first, you need to state the priorities when you are going to send money to India because the factors and the conditions may be various, e.g. speed, exchange rate, convenience, fees, etc. For instance, if your primary concern is the speed of delivery, you may unexpectedly find yourself supposed to pay higher taxes. 

In this very article, we intend to present to you the best ways to send money to India. Additionally, you can have a look at our blog post dedicated to sending money to Philippines.

Before transferring money to India, you have to consider 2 major aspects:

  1. The apparent “free” transfer
    In this case, probably, you will be charged hidden fees besides alarming exchange rates, even if you haven’t agreed upon them.
  2. The possible options
    There are different ways to send money to India due to the fact that each method offers specific options related to the speed of delivery, fees, etc. 

Let’s move directly to the best ways to transfer money to India!

1. ACH Transfer

ACH transfer
ACH Transfer

It is a system of electronic transfers which are governed by financial rules of the banking clearance. It is good that there are no hidden fees or sending checks. When it comes to answering the question related to how to send money to India from the US, we would say that this method requires at least 4 days. Thus, it is not suitable if your concern is the speed of delivery.

2. Wire Transfer

This method of sending money is one of the classic ones. Using it, you will need to go to a particular bank or to one of its branches. Additionally, when speaking about the wire transfer, we have to say that it often relates to various options such as Money Gram. The strong point is that it operates the transfer within 24 hours. The weak one is that you will be charged a higher fee, and you will be unable to cease the payment. 

3. PayPal when You Are Going to Send Money to India


The PayPal payment processor offers the possibility to transfer money from an account to another one without using credit cards. The sender will be charged a special fee, besides the exchange rates. For instance, see the fees and the entire procedure in our blog post about PayPal.

4. TransferWise

TransferWise in order to send money to India
TransferWise in Order to Send Money to India

TransferWise is considered to be the cheapest way to transfer money to India. Its pros consist of convenient exchange rates and easy app. 

5. Western Union

Western Union
Western Union

Western Union is a way of sending money abroad. It is one of the most popular ways because it is available almost everywhere.Its fee depends on the destination and amount of money.

6. Personal Checks

personal checks
Personal Checks

We would say that this is one of the safest ways to send money to India because the sender can cancel the check anytime. The con is the fact that there may be banks that will not accept a foreign check.

7. E-mail Money Transfer

email money transfer
Email Money Transfer

Even if it is considered to be unsafe at first glance, still, it doesn’t require personal information sent through email. All that a sender has to arrange is to go to the webpage of his bank and to fill in the form with the recipient’s email and with a security question to be answered by the receiver. It is considered to be one of the fastest ways to transfer money from the USA to India because it requires just a day if the sender’s and the receiver’s bank collaborate. 

Let’s assume you have to select your best way to send money to India. Your choice needs to be shaped according to the money trasfers peculiarities!

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