influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing

It is also known as Influence Marketing. The most important role in this type of marketing is assigned to influential people called Influencers. They are able to create trust between them and their loyal fans (potential customers). They can persuade and convict others.

Which are The Influencer Marketing Jobs? 

Each social media influencer:

  • Works hard for building his/her own brand and audience;
  • Takes care of fans’ expectations;
  • Targets to smash in social media through organic traffic;
  • Displays credible things via his/her eyes.

What is Influencer’s Role?

An influencer serves as social proof (e.g. for Instagram followers). They may stand for the role of original testimonial ads, buyers, or even for the third parties. As the influence definition states that they share their audience with brands, retailers. Thus, influencers take the benefits for doing so, e.g. Earned Media Value (EMV), impressions, money, Cost Per Action (CPA), advertised items, etc.

Is there some Legal Stuff?

legal influence marketing
Legal Influence Marketing

Yes, there is. For instance, in the USA, influence marketing is considered to be a paid endorsement. Thus, it is managed by The Federal Trade Commission via standards and specific requirements.

Which are Influencer Marketing Activities?

  • Establishing the range of influencers;
  • Activating the awareness about the firm/brand of influencer’s audience;
  • Promoting products and services via influencer’s potential;
  • Maintaining the influencer’s advocates highly interested and engaged.

How many types of Influencers are there?

According to the research made by Gladwell in 2000, there are the following 3 types of influencers:

  1. Connectors;
  2. Mavens; 
  3. Salesmen.

And, we are talking about real influencers and followers. Sooo, there is no way for free followers.

Which are Influencer Marketing Platforms?

e.g. Instagram Influence Marketing
influencer marketing platform
Top Influencer Marketing Platforms
  • Julius
  • Lumanu
  • Influencer
  • HYPR
  • Neoreach

How much can Influencers earn?

how much influencer earns
How much an Influencer Earns

Different affiliate platforms and websites disburse distinctively. There is no rule for payment standards. Consequently, let’s follow the most spread average examples:

  • Instagram: 10$ per 1000 followers for a sponsored post;
  • Snapchat: from 500$ up to 50,000$ for views in 24 hours;
  • YouTube: 20$ per 1000 subscribers.

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