What is a Tech Stack?
What is a Tech Stack?

If you’ve come across this blog, it’s likely that you are searching for the information related to the technology stack. By the way, it is also known as a tech stack.

The technology stack definition says that it is a combination of apps, languages, software products, etc. In fact, a tech stack is the basis of any mobile or web application.

Which are the Components of a Tech Stack?

The tech stack meaning supports the idea that it consists of 2 dimensions:

  • Back-end (known also as server-side)
  • Front-end (known also as client-side)

The experts say that the client-side is easier than the first one because it is more understandable.

What’s the Matter with the Server-Side and Client-Side?

The back-end or the server-side includes all the necessary servers, systems, internal hardware, etc. They are necessary for a great drive of the stack application.

The front-end consists of all the things that facilitate the interaction between the application and the user, e.g. HTML, CSS, etc. In fact, being simple users, front-end language is what we see on a screen when dealing with a laptop or with its visual interface.

Give me Some Examples of the Most Popular Tech Stacks

Let’s speak about the 2 most popular technology stacks. One of the most used stacks all around the world is LAMP.

The Most Popular Tech Stacks - LAMP
The Most Popular Tech Stacks – LAMP

L – Linux (operating system)
A – Apache (server)
M – MySQL (database management system)
P – PHP (programming language, its recent variations include  Ruby or Python)

The second one is MEAN.


M – MongoDB (database)
E – Express.js (back-end application framework)
A – AngularJS (front-end application framework)
N – Node.js (back-end language environment)

Mobile or Web?

There are 2 approaches when it comes to answering the questions “What is an app stack?” and “How do I choose the most reasonable one?”. Thus, you can opt for the mobile first approach or for the one which is called mobile only. The first one is built by taking into account all the interfaces and all the types of screens. At the same time, the second one validates the native app of Android and iOS versions. 

How Should I Choose My Technology Stack?

Your achievement in the digital world depends on the following factors that favor the selection of the right components of your tech stack. 

1. Safety

In order to provide a sense of safety for your clients, you should follow, to a large extent, the security instructions of your tech stack.

2. Prices

You should set the developer’s payment and the financial budget for the site maintenance accordingly.

3. Employees

You get what you pay for. Additionally, you may need more time for employing the person with the right skill sets.

4. Scope

If you are interested in a simple small website, you can choose WordPress or CMS technologies. But if you intend to have a bigger marketplace, you will need several components. 

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