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In order to keep it clear let’s agree upon the fact that there are 3 main strategies used when running promotion deals. The most frequently used techniques and tools found in successful promotions derive from these 3 ones below.

1. Push

What is The Push Strategy and when should I use it?
Push Strategy is responsible for delivering the merchandise to the customer’s hands. In a way, it pushes the customers to take action, to buy.

  • It manages the collaboration with distribution channels.
  • It supplies the intermediaries with sales incentives.
  • It establishes strong social relationships.
  • It works well with lower price tags. 

Trade shows

One of the best marketing strategies is planning to perform trade shows. Manufacturers grab vendors’ and intermediaries’ attention and persuade them to buy and sell their products via their proper channels.


You are the force (being a small company), and you are on your own when it comes to how to promote sales in your business. Your incentives should be the priority.

Promotion package idea

This technique reveals the novelty and pushes the intermediaries to buy the quantities of the product and sell them because they are appealing to the customers.

The moment of sale

It stands for the seasonal display and discount in such a way that the consumers are convinced to buy more products in a certain period of time (e.g. swimming suits during the summer).

Direct trading

Due to the fact that consumers are aware of the brand, the manufacturers are able to sell directly their goods in their stores and chains (e.g. Apple, BMW cars, etc).

2. Pull

What is the Pull Strategy and when should I opt for it?
Pull Strategy brings the customers towards your store.

  • It assures the customer’s fidelity and returns to your chain.
  • It strengthens the power of your brand.
  • It boosts public awareness.
  • It increases your fame level.


When a new product is launched, the audience is already at a step-distance to buy the product without any advertising, if the company is authoritative of course.

Word of mouth

The researches sustain that referrals are decisive for 74% of consumers when taking the final decision whether to buy or not.

Social connection

social connection
Social Connection

The main goal of this tool is to understand who your audience is in order to deliver the right products. The loyalty programs, events, sponsorships, motivating your staff with several incentives (e.g. a day off, vouchers, etc.) are welcome if you are going to try this tool.

B2C deals

Having a blog is an awesome idea when it comes to solving customers’ problems and drawing them towards your store. For instance, Colgate offers useful information to their clients. Nike presents a story for their new products.

3. Mixed

Mixed Type Strategies somehow combine the peculiarities of Push and Pull strategies. Even the tools they propose, in different circumstances, can be used similarly.

Offering free trial

free trial
Free Trial

It’s a nice approach to generate fresh leads and intensify people’s desire to try your product for free.

Promotional advertising

There is an important point that companies work on sponsorships and promote each other. It is a kind of collaboration between various brands through promotional products and campaigns.


discount coupon for promotion
Discount Coupon for Promotion

Another marketing promotion strategy is using coupons. They work amazingly when the goal is to attract new customers and to keep the old ones (e.g. % off coupons).


Running a contest would seem to be an engaging strategy for your clients. In such a way you will be able to offer samples of your products as prizes. Photo, video, vote, caption, bonus contests are extremely tempting and funny at the same time.

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