competitor website and analysis tools
Competitor Website and Analysis Tools

Self-criticism is constructive when it comes to website designing and chasing for the champ place. We believe competitor analysis is not just beneficial for your business. It is also a MUST for being in a fair competition.

This process gains a huge amount of advantages such as: 

  1. Providing the necessary analytic data
  2. Establishing the strong and weak points
  3. Orienting to the website domains that need improvements 
  4. Avoiding digital troubles
  5. Furnishing the transparent information to the participants etc.

Who are your competitors? Their business profiles seem to be similar to yours. Thus, they are very easy to find. Below you can see 4 simple steps related to how you can find a competitor website.

  1. Set the keywords for your products or services;
  2. Look for competitors in Google;
  3. Choose the most suitable websites that are specialized in the same domains as you. You can use Google search string related:[domain name] or the online tools such as BuzzSumo or even email campaigns;
  4. Get the competitors’ list and crush them!

Aaaand…how to crush them? That’s the questions!

Using Competitor Analysis Tools



SimilarWeb is an effective tool that helps to compare your site and competitor’s one It displays off the data regarding different domains such as traffic overview, country rank, audience, etc.


SemRush marketing toolkit
SemRush Marketing Toolkit

By inserting the URL, SEMrush presents the 2 types of search rank- paid and organic. It works online in such a way that you can remove the unwanted data. It also helps you to compare the SEO peculiarities of 2 websites.



This instrument shows the demographic information regarding the regions the customers come from and the keywords they are most frequently searching for. Thus, using Alexa, you can target the specific region and. Also, you can adjust your optimization purposes based on the keywords people are interested in.



Followerwonk works by dealing with Twitter’s users. The tool analyzes Twitter’s statistics and provides valuable data related to its users, such as followings, location, active time online. It gives you insights about how to grow your social graph. The tools offers genuine visualizations that are useful when dealing with website competitor analysis.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO
Majestic SEO

Majestic compares the 2 domains: “trust flow” and “citation flow”. It also suggests priceless tools for SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, media analysts, and developers.


Siteliner competitor analysis tool
Siteliner Competitor Analysis Tool

Siteliner assesses your competitor’s website on levels. It furnishes the information related to page sizes, the statistics of numbers, types of links on a page, page load time, duplicate content, etc.

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